Convert webapps to native macOS apps with ease.

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A Native Experience

Having the privilege of using very powerful web applications is awesome. Macify extends this experience as it brings these same web applications right to your desktop for a native macOS experience.

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Why You Should Care

When you just want to focus on a single website, Macify makes it possible to stay focused in a beautiful, native way.

Beautiful Web Experience

Having the possibility of using a webapp in a fully customized environment results in a great user experience.

Productive Environment

Not having to worry about ads, popups or open tabs can really make a difference in a productive workflow.

Build with Modern Tools

Macify is entirely build on top of modern technologies, which makes it a modern and up-to-date application.


Macify in Action

Feedback & Requests


If you have questions, feature requests or general feedback, you can always send us an email by clicking on the email icon below. We are appreciate any kind of feedback!

Important notice: Macify is now an official product of Devizer. As of January 31st, 2018, all support emails should be sent to instead of Due to the migration process, downloads are temporarily unavailable.


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